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The Astronaut's Wife(1999)Dr. Patraba
The Phantom(1996)Lily Palmer
Round Numbers(1992)Anne
Curtains(1983)Samantha Sherwood
The Hot Touch (1982)Samantha O'Brien
Demonoid, Messenger of Death(1981)Jennifer Baines
The Exterminator(1980)Dr. Megan Stewart
The Brood(1979)Nola Carveth
Battle Force (aka The Biggest Battle;
aka The Battle of the Mareth Line)
(1978)Annelise Ackermann
The Uncanny(1977)Edina Hamilton
Welcome to Blood City(1977)Katherine
Why Shoot the Teacher?(1977)Alice Field
The Seven Percent Solution(1976)Mary Morstan Watso
A Name for Evil(1973)Joanna Blake
The Dead Are Alive(1972)Myra Shelton
The Light at the Edge of the World(1971)Arabella
The Lady in the Car With
Glasses and a Gun
(1970)Danielle Lang
The Walking Stick(1970)Deborah Dainton
The Molly Maguires(1970)Miss Mary Raines
Doctor Dolittle(1967)Emma Fairfax
Walk Don't Run(1966)Christine Easton
Return From the Ashes(1965)Fabienne Wolfe
The Collector(1965)Miranda Grey
Psyche '59(1964)Robin
Doctor in Distress(1963)Delia Mallory
The Wild and the Willing(1962)Josie
Dr. Crippen (1962)Ethel Le Neve

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The Nine Lives of Chloe King "Beautiful Day" (2011)Olivia Rezza
Mental (2009)Margo Stroud;
recurring role
Commander in Chief(2005 - 2006)Sarah Templeton;
recurring role
Cold Case "The Boy in the Box"(2004)Sister Vivian
She Spies "Learning to Fly"(2003)Huffy English woman
All My Children (2000)Charlotte Devane;
recurring role
Loss of Faith (aka The Truth About Lying)(1997)Inspector Sarah Strong
Everything to Gain (Barbara Taylor Bradford Trilogy)(1996)Diana Keswick
Burke's Law "Who Killed the Lifeguard?"(1995)Princess Catherine Lanier
Inevitable Grace (1994)Britt
The Secrets of Lake Success (miniseries)(1993)Diana Westley
A Case For Murder (1993)Ellen Denvers
LA Law "Where There's a Will" (1993) Camille Bancroft
Dark Horse (1992)Mrs. Curtis
Mann & Machine "Prototype" (1992)Dr. Anna Kapler
Ragin' Cajun (aka Loner)(1991)Dr. May
Star Trek: The Next Generation"Family" (1990)Marie Picard
A Ghost in Monte Carlo (1990) Jeanne
Matlock "The Talk Show"(1990)Katherine Randolph
Davy Crockett Rainbow in the Thunder
(Wonderful World of Disney)
(1988)Ory Palmer
1st & Ten "Saturday, Bloody Saturday" (1998)Unnamed character
Santa Barbara (1984)Pamela Capwell Conrad (#1)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents"Deathmate" (1987)Lisa Talbot
Love Among Thieves (1987)Solange DuLac
Stingray "Echoes" (1987)Camilla Rousseau
Outlaws "Hymn" (1987)Unnamed character
Hotel "Cry Wolf" (1985)Elizabeth Oliver
George Burns Comedy Week"Christmas Carol II
The Sequel"
Tales of the Unexpected "People Don't Do Such Things"(1985)Gwen Carter
Finder of Lost Loves "Wayward Dreams"(1985)Megan Brody
Magnum, P.I. "Fragments"(1984)Laura Bennett
Murder, She Wrote"Hooray For Homicide" (1984)Marta Quintessa
Hart to Hart"Long Lost Love" (1983)Jillian Rawlings
For the Term of His Natural Life (1983)Mrs. Vickers
Darkroom "Exit Line" (1982)Miss St. Clair
Aloha Paradise Episode #1.3 (1981)Unnamed character
The Love Boat "Return of the Ninny/
Touchdown Twins
/Split Personality"
(1981)Meg Chase
Hagen (Pilot episode)(1980)Unnamed character
Fantasy Island "The Wedding" (1979) Helena Marsh
The Love Boat "A Funny Valentine/
The Wallflower/
Home is Not a Home"
(1979)Mary-Louise Murphy
Tales of the Unexpected (1979)Unnamed character
Hawaii Five-O "Horoscope for Murder" (1978)Agnes du Bois
Siegfeld: The Man and His Women (1978)Billie Burke
Fantasy Island"Return/
The Toughest Man Alive"
(1978)Helena Marsh
Starsky and Hutch"Starsky and Hutch on Playboy Island" (1977)Charlotte
Columbo "The Bye-Bye Sky High
I.Q. Murder Case"
(1977)Vivian Brandt
Family "Labors of Love" (1977)Norah McKay
The Hemingway Play (1977)Glynis
Baretta "Look Back in Terror" (1976)Laurie Eckhardt
The Killer Who Wouldn't Die (1976)Anne Roland
The Legendary Curse of the Hope Diamond (1975) Unnamed character
Lucas Tanner "Shattered" (1975)Angela Bowman
All the Kind Strangers (1974)Carol Ann
The Man of Destiny (1973)The Strange Lady
Love Story "The Cardboard House" (1973)Ruth Wilson
Double Indemnity (1973)Phyllis Dietrickson
Anna and the King (1972)Anna Owens
The Saint "Marcia" (1963)Claire Avery
Rendezvous "The Road Between"(1961)Joan

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The 100 Greatest Family Films (2005)
Cary Grant: A Class Apart (2004)
Dors: The Other Diana (1990)
Directed by William Wyler (1986)
Unknown Powers (Hostess) (1978)

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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (VG) (2004)M
James Bond 007: Nightfire (VG)(2002)M
Gabriel Knight 3:
Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned
(1999)Lady Howard
Hercules and the Tiff on Olympus (TV)(1999)Hera
Hercules and the Parents Weekend (TV)(1998)Hera
Hercules (VG) (1997)Hera
Animated feature film
(1997)Hera, mother of Hercules
Siegfried & Roy: Masters of the Impossible(1996)Voice
The Magic Flute (TV)(1994)Voice
The Magic Voyage(1992)Queen
The Legend of Prince Valiant
Animated series, TV
(1991)Queen Guinevere

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"An Ocean Apart" Robin PilcherAbridged 4 cassettesDecember 1998 ISBN 0787118672
"An Ocean Apart" Robin Pilcher Unabridged 10 cassettes July 2002 ISBN 1590402375
"The Ape Who Guards the Balance" Elizabeth Peters August 1998 ISBN 0787117617
"The Best Short Stories
of Arthur C. Clarke:
The Collected Stories
of Arthur C. Clarke"
Performed by various artists; narrated by Samantha Eggar 10 CDs October 2001ISBN 1574534564
"Diana: A Tribute to the
People's Princess"
October 1997 ISBN 0787116947
"Earthlight and Other Stories:
The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke
June 2001 ISBN 1574534203
"Emma" Jane Austen April 2002 ISBN 159007114X
"Falcon at the Portal" Elizabeth Peters
"The Prince and the Pilgrim" Mary Stewart Abridged 2 cassettes January 1996 ISBN 0787107468
"The Rose Cottage" Mary Stewart 1997

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