March 2010 Archive

March 12th: Popcorn on hand? DVR in working order? Then you're ready for the day-long marathon of Samantha's films on Turner Classic Movies airing Friday, March 12th!

TCM has selected a nice range of her film characters, from bad girl Robin in Psyche '59 to good girl Deborah Dainton in The Walking Stick. As fans know, some of these films are making a very rare broadcast appearance and a few are currently not available on home video. Pop the corn, set the DVR and enjoy!

10:15 AM Psyche '59 (1964)
12:00 PM The Collector (1965)
2:15 PM Return From The Ashes (1965)
4:15 PM Walk, Don't Run (1966)
6:15 PM The Walking Stick (1970)

As the heroine, Samantha Eggar gives a beautifully restrained and evocotive performance. She creates a character that is quite simply more interesting and cohesive than I am used to seeing in movies. NY Times review of "The Walking Stick" by film critic Roger Greenspun.

March 17th: Samantha joins the cast as California Artists Radio Theatre presents a St. Patrick's Day comedy, Hyacinth Halvey, The Lad From Carrow. The CART performance includes a fun selection of Irish music and an assortment of Irish door prizes! For more information, go to