June 2010 Archive

"This playlet belonged to beautiful Samantha Eggar, so smooth and charming as Detective Cameo...." ~Don Grigware, in a review of the May 29th CART tribute performance for Norman Corwin. To read the review in its entirety, visit www.losangeles.broadwayworld.com.

Samantha was honored to have the opportunity to perform again last month for the renowned Mr. Corwin:

"I first had the thrill of working with this amazing man about 17 years ago. At 83 he stood tall with a wild mane of hair and movie star looks. I was asked to be in a classic piece of his called "The Plot to Overthrow Christmas", starring Richard Crenna, Roddy McDowall, David Warner, Stan Freeberg, William Windom, Norman LLyod and Kathleen Freeman, among other luminaries.

"Having caught up on this author's monumental history, I was in awe. Norman Corwin is one of the greatest living writers of the English Language, being called the "Poet Laureate" of Radio. A documentary film, A Note of Triumph; The Golded Age of Norman Corwin, won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Feature in 2006."

"I remember that his ease of direction and connection with actors was so enveloping that soon the rehersals were humming. His writing is so unique and for an actor, delicious to express.

"Last weekend on his 100th birthday tribute we reprised the same comedy play along with other gems. I again could perform for him. What joy! The twinkle is still in his eye as he arrived at the theatre wearing a very dapper cap. His genuine love of words and thoughts spell magic in those that are lucky enough to act them - and laughter and tears for the ears of those who hear them."

~ Samantha Eggar, June 2010